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About ZeitVox

Framed in the context of truly relevant news, ZeitVox is a distillation of journalism, opinion and argument. We aim for a synthesis of science, politics, rhetoric and philosophy grasping the currency true to our time.

ZeitVox invites submissions (via pseudonym or not) regarding any topic or fertile amalgam demanded by intelligent life in the 21st Century.

Our primary aim is neither ideological stasis nor brand recognition within a "left/right" rubric. And insofar as common ideological strains suffer the wind of critique, it should go without saying that an opposite polarity is in no way necessarily indicated. Moreover, as we aim to curate and track relevant news, pace, novelty and tracking the titillating will give way to a slow accumulation of stories which prove substantial in retrospect.

Our style reflects a nascent, untested and perhaps naive belief that realities of the 21st Century cry out for a trans-ideological engagement and creative iconoclasm. It is not to say, naively, that ideology can summarily be expunged, dismissed or let go. But it is, at the very least, to gesture toward an attitude capable of seeing and articulating what's important, one mindful of its own faith that into the arena of critique's excellent discharge a ray of greater truth may supervene.

We invite contributions, essays and work from all quarters, especially that which reflects this spirit regardless of content and conclusions.

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